Sintennial’s 2020 Halloween Event + more!

Sintennial’s 2020 Halloween Event is NOW LIVE!!

This year’s Halloween Event includes:

  • Tons of Halloween Boxes (Can be obtained from):
    • Wildywyrm and Galvek
    • Evil Tree and Crashed Star
    • Dracula himself!
    • The Halloween chest
  • Fully custom Halloween Mini-quest
    • Help Dracula by gathering some blood for him
    • Awesome rewards for completing the quest:
      • AFK-able money/Herblore XP
      • Ability to turn into Dracula

The Halloween Event will run through November 2nd.

We’ve also fixed a few of the minor bugs that have been brought to our attention, which are:

  • Increased spawn time of all world events to 60 minutes
  • Fixed Galvek drops from not showing with ::getdrop


Our next patch will include many of the bugs that have been recently posted about in the Discord and we will also be considering some of the suggestions that were posted as well. You can refer to our reactions on your specific suggestion post to know about its current status. Please see the top of the #suggestions channel for the legend of reactions.

..Aaand to top it all off, here’s our updated banner for those who have not yet seen it! –

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October 23, 2020

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