Incoming Update – It’s a BIG ONE

To all of our Sintennial players –

Without any further ado, we’d like to share details with you guys about our upcoming update. We’ve been working diligently to get this update to you guys as soon as possible and have made it a priority to guarantee that this experience will be like no other. To shed some light on the comments we have made in-game about this release, here’s some of the things you will want to know and can look forward to seeing in this rollout…

  1. We have merged Sintennial with a fully up-to-date source that includes many key features and aspects of OSRS, with the addition of our Pre-EOC content.
  2. We will be transferring over all accounts to our new source and each account will retain the following:
    1. All Items
    2. All stats (xp will be set at base 99 xp as xp rates have changed)*
    3. All points accumulated
    4. All achievements completed
    5. All player statistics
  3. This update includes, but is not limited to;
    1. Referral System w/ incentives for amount of referral code uses
    2. Updated Vote System w/ incentives for amount of times voted
    3. Raids I + II
    4. Treasure Island
    5. World Events (Wildywyrm, Galvek)
    6. Blood money
    7. Auction House (enhanced version of POS + GE)
    8. FFA tournament minigame with several game modes
    9. Platinum tokens (use coins on any bank to exchange)
    10. New interfaces
    11. Presets
    12. Placeholders
    13. Skill Orbs & Skill Status Bars
    14. Certain RuneLite features built-in (such as Ground Item names, effect timers, etc.)
    15. Boss Arena (Extreme Donor+)
    16. and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!
  4. We will be happy to address any concerns and/or questions that you may have, so please feel free to reach out to Jephsen or I on Discord or in-game and will be happy to assist.


* – All xp accumulated past 99 will be summed up and compensated by the following:

    1. For every extra 500m xp earned you will receive – 1x Ultimate Mystery Box
    2. For every extra 100m xp earned you will receive – 1x Super Mystery Box
    3. For every extra 10m xp earned you will receive – 1x Mystery Box


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